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TacVent was designed for one reason. To solve the single biggest problem that has plagued makers and users of body armor since its inception, heat.

What makes the TacVent truly unique is that it provides crucial separation with space rather than matter. By utilizing a corrugated panel of soft, hypoalergenic elastomer, the user can now obtain a much needed 1/2″ space for proper heat ventilation. This space allows heat to escape from the torso and flow upward, and as a result, cools body surface temperatures by up to 14.5 degrees!

Another huge benefit of the TacVent is trauma attenuation as it profoundly reduces blunt-force trauma. Ballistic clay testing showed that TacVent significantly decreased the body facing cratering of the body armor when fired upon with both 9mm and .45 caliber rounds.

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    Posted by Christian on Aug 19th 2020

    Good product as expected and the management of The Mic loop to another country has been fantastic.

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    Posted by Brian on Jun 30th 2020

    Ive watched a few reviews on this comparing it against the 221 tactical shirt and hands down TacVent for the win. I no longer have to peel my undershirt off at the end of the day, my vest doesnt have to be washed as often and definitely keeps that *lovely* summer stench to a minimum. I recommend this to anyone looking for an option to stay cooler in the blazing summer heat. Always a refreshing feeling stepping out of the car and being able to feel air flowing under your vest and cooling you off immediately! Ordering another one for my back for maximum cooling!

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    Posted by Ed on Jul 15th 2019

    Fantastic product. creates air flow between body and vest.

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    Better than the alternative mesh vest

    Posted by Greg on Apr 13th 2019

    If you've worn the cooling vests before like (221b), you will notice this is bulkier and you do notice it more, however, it does keep you cooler! The Velcro sticks well and the added bulk doesn't necessarily make it uncomfortable because the material has some give and feels like a cushion. Would definitely recommend and the price is right.

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    TacVent review

    Posted by Jason Baker on Aug 17th 2018

    Well when it comes to hot weather San Diego California is probably not the first place you think of. For the last couple weeks San Diego has been quite warm. At 80 degrees at 2 in the morning is not something common here and I also wear long sleeves each night I work. Last night was the first night I wore the TacVent in the hopes to get some relief and some comfort during my 10 hour shift. I definitely was able to noticeably cool down much faster with the patrol car's A/C on. Without the TacVent the A/C did absolutely nothing to cool down the trapped heat behind the vest. At the end of my shift it was a first to have my undershirt not completely soaked from sweat. So glad I purchased the TacVent.